Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Various Functions and Scope of Public Administration Mitra Mani Pokhrel Administrator There are various functions and scope of public administration. Its functions and scope is depended on the functional nature, importance, uses, utilization, styles of ruling, nature of government. The following are the functions and scope of public administration which are invented by different thinkers: Henry Fayol – POCCC: P = Planning (Prevoyance) O = Organizing C = Co-ordination C = Commanding, and C = Controlling Marshall E. Dimock and Glady Dimock: As a Study, As a Process, As a Vocation, Griffin – POLC: P = Planning, O = Organization, L = Leading, C = Controlling. P.Macqueen – M3: M = Men M = Materials M = Method Koonz and O’Donnell – POSDLC: P = Planning O = Organizing S = Staffing D = Directing L = Leading C = Controlling

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