Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Few differences between Private and Public Administration

Shortly, we can express that there are differences between private and public administration. Traditionally, public administration is totally related with public affairs and private administration is totally related with private issues. Now days, we can not differentiate between private and public administration. Both of the administrations are similar to each other. They are different from its nature of functions and objectives. They are used for the betterment of the organization. Both of the administrations keep the talent and excellent personnel and they both run the activities in the organization. Simply, we can differentiate Private and Public Administration on the following basis: • Objectives, • Scope and functions, • Nature of works, • Responsibilities to the public, • Profit motive, • Nature of functions, • cost of Service, • Political direction, • Public relation, • Efficiency, • Monopolistic, • Styles of recruitment, Public Administration is like bureaucracy, where as private administration is business activities like. Public administration is directed and influenced by politically and the private administration is directed by politically. Public administration use the strict rules and regulation to operate organization, but private administration do not use strict rules and regulations.

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  1. private ad is run by private people in their capacities e.g N.G.O,hospital,schools,etc
    public ad is like bureaucracy ..
    private ad is totally related with related with private issue....